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Both at national and international level, Corporate tax is an extremely complex matter.

This regardless of whether you are trading as a company or as any other form of legal entity. Add to that the complete overhaul of corporate structures we have seen in recent years and the manner in which the fiscal strategy of a company is perceived and the world has been turned completely upside down.

Our up-to-date knowledge, valuable advice and our commitment to your interests will prove to be indispensable when it comes to implementing your current strategies.
To that end, we help you to optimise your company’s structure and capital and to timely plan for and organise the transfer of your company.

New solutions, veritable creativity

Afschrift doesn’t content itself with offering you the “traditional” solutions every tax expert and the taxman knows about. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with new, tailor-made solutions, suited to your objectives.
We put genuine innovations, fully consistent with the legislation, in place, in all discretion at that.

Foreign structures

In your particular situation it may prove to be more tax efficient, other than setting up a holding company incorporated under Belgian law, to look into one of the many foreign structures based in Luxembourg, Switzerland or Hong Kong, on condition that they operate correctly of course.
Afschrift has an international network of offices that will help you to choose the solution that is best suited to your requirements.

Reducing your Real estate property tax

The property business raises many tax-related questions, especially when they are pursued in a corporate context. These extend well beyond the income-tax framework and relate to matters such as registration duties and VAT.
There are numerous ways to reduce the tax burden on your real estate purchases and investments or your property business.
To this end, we may advise you to think about putting leasing contracts in place, about dismemberment of ownership, about setting up a real estate company, about issuing land certificates…
As each real estate project is unique, a detailed preliminary examination is required to determine the best possible way to ensure that your investment also becomes a tax-efficient exercise.

A long-term cooperation

As national and international legislation is changing constantly, we devise strategies that are periodically reviewed at your request.
This will allow you to always make the most of any tax savings you qualify for.
Any such re-evaluation is always performed in the light of the most recent relevant legislation and jurisprudence and will ensure that the transaction is and remain legally sound.
Foresight is the key to successful optimisation and greater tax savings.


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