Optimisation in an international context

Afschrift - Optimisation in an international context

An overview of international taxation will allow you to substantially reduce your tax burden and to keep it as low as possible

Numerous countries have various tax optimisation mechanisms, whether you already have interests abroad or not.

You already have interests abroad

At the moment, your private or business assets are already organised at an international level.
Yet, in spite of that, the financial benefits are not what you expected them to be because the foreign countries in question have now also made a number of significant structural changes to their legislation.
Legislative amendments can often put the few tax savings you managed to organise in jeopardy.
To avoid that, we help you to analyse your foreign structure so as to optimise and bring it into line with the new regulations.

Discovering international opportunities

With this aim in mind, we navigate you through the process of localising your company outside of Belgium.
We help you to reduce the tax burden on your private assets.
Choosing Afschrift means ensuring that you make the right choice for tomorrow… now.

Afschrift has offices and operates in 6 countries.

In Afschrift, you will find a partner who understands this international component, follows it up and integrates it into one global tax strategy.
We have offices in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, Israel and Hong Kong.
Many of the partner lawyers from Afschrift are affiliated to foreign bar associations.
In addition, thanks to our partnerships with lawyers across Europe, in economically important countries and jurisdictions with a favourable tax regime, we can bank on an international network.
The main benefit of joining forces with Afschrift is that you get to deal with consultants who have an in-depth knowledge, not only of the local, but also of international tax legislation. This is why our lawyers can offer you a personalised service, tailored to your situation.

Does the idea of working out a cost-effective tax strategy with Afschrift sound like music to your ears?

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