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Foresight is the key to optimisation

The tax rules and legislation are changing constantly. In the short or long term, these legislative amendments can make a considerable financial difference.

Securing a tax gain by organising your assets

Putting a strategy in place early on will allow you to limit the risks and to make greater tax gain. Take it from us, there are quite a number of options to legally reduce your tax bill.
When it comes to your private assets, we can put a structure and strategy in place that will protect your personal assets against any actions from the administration.
To achieve that, we help you to make a clear and unambiguous distinction between your private and your business assets.
In view of the recent amendments to the inheritance rules, we can, at the marital and family level, enhance the protection of the interests of each member of your family, especially in cases where there are stepfamilies in the picture or if you have been married more than once.
Furthermore, to ensure your business’s continuity, we can organise its transfer to your heirs.
In every situation and despite the legislative amendments, inheritance tax will always pose an excessive tax burden, one that can play havoc with your assets.
Mindful of that particular issue, we can suggest a range of transactions that will allow you to minimise the impact of the estate tax so that your assets can pass to your heirs without undue encumbrance.

The tax burden on your professional activities

The burden of taxes and parafiscal charges on your professional income is always unreasonable. Especially when you work as a private person.
In this particular context, tax optimisation is essential if you want to reduce your tax burden and increase your net income.
Reducing the tax burden usually implies adopting a strategy that makes the most of every lawful solution such as benefits in kind, group insurance, personal pension plans, share options…
Furthermore, setting up a company often means that you can avail of a more favourable tax rate.
We also provide you with solutions to organise your professional structure in an international context.
In each scenario we are presented with, we work out the most tax-efficient and reassuring solution in civil matters, together with you.

Thinking ahead about your estate

When it comes to planning your estate, clear solutions to minimise the inheritance tax your heirs will have to pay must be put in place quickly in view of the way they take effect over time.
We help you to plan your estate, with due regard for the degree of complexity of your personal situation, the size of your assets and family, your objectives and the applicable legislation.
In line with the options available to you, we may very well advise you to set up residency in another country where the tax burden on your estate would be considerably less.
Any strategies we put in place come to fruition via simple transactions, such as gifts, or via more sophisticated techniques like setting up a trust or foundation.

A long-term cooperation

As national and international legislation is changing constantly, we devise strategies that are reviewed periodically, at your request.
This will allow you to always make the most of any tax savings you qualify for.
Any such re-evaluation is always performed in the light of the most recent relevant legislation and jurisprudence and will ensure that the transaction is and remains legally sound.
Foresight is the key to successful optimisation and greater tax savings.

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