Afschrift and the bears

Afschrift - Afschrift and the bears

As symbol of our vision of what the profession of tax lawyer stands for, we chose the bear for its strength, valour and image of kindness.

Strength and valour

Bears have the name of being powerful animals, fierce in their defence of their young and in protecting their territory from intruders.

As tax lawyers, it is our job to defend our clients and to protect their assets from the State. We do so with the same strength and energy as a sow defends its cubs.

Gentleness and kindness

But a lawyer’s task also includes guiding and advising his clients so as to enable them to manage their assets and business. We help our clients with the same thoughtfulness as a sow watching her offspring taking their first steps.


Finally, teddy bears are a child’s first confidant, a confidant that knows how to keep a secret.
To ensure that our clients get the most appropriate advice, they will have to accept that there are certain things we have to know about. We give you an absolute guarantee that anything you share with us in confidence is safe with us.

Protecting bears

To show you exactly how fond we are of bears, the embodiment of everything we stand for, we decided to do take some concrete action by supporting associations that protect bears across France and Spain.

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