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Afschrift - Our Approach

Law Firm Afschrift stands for unparalleled versatility. This claim stems from two essential elements, i.e. a personal relationship and qualitative advice.

Our team: multi-skilled professionals

Your lawyer is honour-bound to assist you with anything that requires his skills, be it of a tax-related or any other nature. This is why all our lawyers are multi-skilled and fully au fait with all the aspects of the tax and judicial system.

You can count on them for guidance and to represent your interests towards tax authorities.

Your lawyer: your privileged partner

The relationship between a lawyer and client is a long-term personal relationship. This relationship is based on mutual trust and becomes stronger as time goes on.
What does that mean?
Your lawyer has the relevant competences to guide you through your financial files.

All our lawyers are specialised in tax law. That does not mean that our firm is subdivided into “departments” however, for each of us is able to resolve your taxation and related issues.
Unless you expressly ask otherwise, you will never have to deal with more than two people.
Your lawyer knows you personally and, as he has an overview of your situation, your assets, he is able to answer all your tax-related questions.

Our lawyers are both consultants and litigation lawyers

As we see it, tax advice should be based on the firm conviction of the lawyer so that, when push comes to shove, he is also able to defend the chosen solution in Court.
This firm conviction leads to legal security about the transaction and maximises your chances of a successful outcome.
This is why most of our lawyers are seasoned litigation lawyers and very much in touch with the reality of daily practice.
The expertise they gained in the course of legal proceedings allows them, realistically and without preconceptions, to assess the relevance of the solutions they present you with.

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