Foresight is the best form of defence

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The tax burden is increasing by the year and tax authorities adopt an increasingly unyielding stance. How do we prepare ourselves to protect our right to pay less tax?

The only way to organise your business, your estate and your assets in a tax-efficient manner is to thoroughly think out each decision or transaction in a global context and to prepare yourself efficiently.

Avoiding disputes in a proactive manner

Whether you are managing your private or business assets, every decision you take comes with its own tax implications.
As tax consultants, Afschrift offers you an in-depth analysis, listing the various options and their financial and tax implications.
We help you to choose a reliable, creative and efficient tax solution.

Avoiding tax risks

By analysing your decisions, thoughts and transactions, Afschrift translates them into tax implications on your behalf. Thanks to our expertise, you end up with concrete solutions that will allow you to optimise the structure of your assets, your marital structure, the planning of your estate and the contracts you negotiate.

Our advice is designed to ensure that each transaction is legally sound so that the tax authorities can’t find anything to challenge you about.

Why put your trust in us?

Afschrift stands for strong expertise in the field of taxation and it is this expertise that we put at your disposal. Our in-depth knowledge of the legislation and jurisprudence makes us your best ally. We are always available and have an extensive and efficient international network at our beck and call. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on answering all your questions in an exhaustive manner.

Thinking of structuring your company for tax reasons?
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