Protecting your interests in disputes with the taxman

Afschrift - Protecting your interests in disputes with the taxman

Getting into a dispute with the tax authorities is something most of us would like to avoid.

But, once the taxman comes knocking at your door, it becomes all the more essential for you and your accountant to sit down with us at the start of or, ideally before, the audit so that we can put a strategy in place to defend your interests as best as possible and, above all, to ensure that your rights are safeguarded throughout the procedure. This strategy is your key to and will dictate the favourable outcome of your dispute with the tax authorities.

Seeking advice: the earlier, the better

Several signs will tell you a conflict is on the cards. Having us by your side is the one sure way of having the best defence money can buy from the word go. We, for our part, will perform an in-depth and global analysis of your situation. Together with your accountant, we develop a strategy to defend your interests. We provide you with invaluable advice during a tax audit and are by your side to ensure that your rights are upheld.

Direction and defence

From a simple enquiry to a tax audit, every exchange with tax authorities comes with a series of risks that can easily be avoided. For that reason, these exchanges should not be taken lightly.
Together with you, Afschrift decides on the appropriate response to any questions from the tax authorities and devises a negotiating strategy with the administration so as to avoid any possibility of a conflict.
Afschrift also finds the best possible way to put an end to your tax dispute by making sure that the authorities respect your rights.

There is always room for negotiation

At the moment a claim is filed with the general counsel of taxes, there is usually still room for negotiation with the tax authorities and avoid litigation. We guide you through this process by developing a well thought-out proposal in your favour and by negotiating a settlement that is of material benefit to you.

Defending your interests

If Court proceedings have become unavoidable, it is essential to involve Afschrift from your very first contact with the tax authorities so that we can decide what strategy to adopt.
This strategy will be based on what documents to submit, on how to answer the questions the tax authorities are likely to put to you, on defending your rights, on monitoring the administrative procedure, and, in the worst case scenario, on arguing your case in Court.
The Afschrift lawyers are licensed to defend you before all the Courts.

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