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Lawmakers increasingly attach criminal sanctions to their eminently complex tax rules.

As a result, the risk that a dispute gets picked up by the media and ends up in Court is becoming increasingly real.

How do we defend you?

It goes without saying that the tax advice we offer is designed to avoid you committing an offence in the first place. Thus, our advice is always geared towards reducing your tax burden within the limits of the law so that you don’t leave yourself open to sanctions. In other words, it is designed to enable you to reduce your tax bill legitimately.
If you do end up in a dispute with the tax authorities, we can also negotiate a settlement on your behalf so that legal proceedings can be avoided.
Should proceedings be instituted after all, we ensure the defence of individuals and corporate entities alike.

Drawing up convincing contracts

Any new decision about your financial interests and professional activities is made on the basis of a contract. Before you sign on the dotted line, we help you to correctly assess and preserve the tax implications of your contracts.
At Law Firm Afschrift, we examine all your contracts.
We advise you on how to formulate each clause without losing sight of the overall tax implications of any contract you intend to conclude.
Our analysis will allow you to reduce the fiscal impact of any transactions you are contemplating.
In addition, we provide you with legally watertight advice on the legal structure that is best suited to the operation and to your situation.
As a result, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that all your professional and financial transactions are completely above board.


Do you want to avoid penal sanctions or get the best strategy?

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